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Management 3.0 Certification Courses

Management 3.0 course is revolutionizing the way we think about leadership and collaboration. This forward-thinking approach provides practical tools and strategies to empower leaders and teams to achieve company goals together while prioritizing employee well-being.

Management 3.0 is perfect for you if you want to:
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Increase your team's productivity.
  • Drive innovation.
  • Motivate every team member.
  • Establish a transformative company culture.
  • Achieve more agility in your work environment.
Benefits of Management 3.0 Training

Management 3.0 courses are key for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills, boost employee engagement, increase productivity, create a positive company culture, promote agility, and improve workplace happiness. With its applicable tools and techniques, it enables you to initiate effective changes in your organization immediately.

  • Enhance your leadership abilities.
  • Boost your employees' engagement.
  • Increase overall productivity.
  • Cultivate an agile and positive company culture.
  • Create a motivating work atmosphere.
Characteristics of a Management 3.0 Leader
  • Belief in the power of a strong team.
  • Adaptability to changing roles and responsibilities.
  • Proactive search for the root causes of problems and challenges.
  • Transparency and openness in information sharing.
  • Encouragement of team suggestions and ideas.
  • Empowerment of the team through support and motivation.
  • Provision of individual feedback and coaching.
  • Encouragement of regular team brainstorming.

Management 3.0 Courses

Management 3.0 Foundation Level

Management 3.0 workshops are interactive, outcome-focused, and offer immediately applicable management tools and techniques. They challenge your way of thinking and improve your understanding of human behavior. Learn to embrace change and inspire others to do the same.

Foundation Level

Foundation Level Schulung

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16 Oct 2024
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Management 3.0 Advanced Level Courses

What exactly is Management 3.0?

Management 3.0 is based on five fundamental principles and offers a variety of practices, tools, and the corresponding mindset. In everyday work, Management 3.0 supports leaders in creating conditions for self-organization, which is crucial for the successful shift towards more agility, flexibility, and successful transformations.

It redefines leadership, emphasizes shared responsibility for management, and combines a situational leadership style with a collaborative approach to collectively find the most efficient way for the company to achieve its goals.

The need for change is palpable and inevitable across nearly all industries. Management 3.0 is seen as the future of management and plays a key role in addressing the challenges in the "New Way of Work." It provides the necessary mindset as well as a wealth of tools and practices to successfully navigate this transformation.

Tools and methods to increase employee satisfaction are of great importance. Employee satisfaction significantly depends on working conditions, where psychological safety, diverse and challenging tasks, praise and recognition, and taking on responsibility are key factors. Management 3.0 offers various tools, including 'Kudo Cards', 'Moving Motivators', and 'Delegation Poker', to support these motivational factors. These instruments encourage discussion, create transparency, and clarity in daily work.

Employee satisfaction leads to satisfied customers, which ultimately results in successful products and services on the market. Teams focus on the value created for customers and indirectly on common success criteria. Involving customers in team activities and short feedback loops reduce economic risks and provide insights into customer expectations and success factors. With 'Settlers', a method from Management 3.0, teams can align their organization and positioning accordingly. Inviting customers as participants in 'Exploration Days', another practice from Management 3.0, promotes communication and interaction with customers, strengthens customer loyalty, and contributes to shared success – which in turn leads to satisfied customers.

The mindset for a dynamic and resilient system is supported by Management 3.0. It offers tools and practices to redesign frameworks. Practices like the 'Feedback Door' and 'Improvement Dialogues' help leaders develop new mindsets and promote changes. Engaging with current behavior supports change and encourages exploring new paths. Management 3.0 encourages recognizing, reconsidering, and possibly changing existing patterns. It opens the door to new thinking and leadership concepts.

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