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Agile Leadership Journey Agile Leader and Organization

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Agile Leadership Journey™ is a course that prepares leaders for a changing world. The course promotes the development of mindset, behavior, and skills to enhance leaders and increase the effectiveness of organizations. This is conveyed through a total of 12 modules - 6 for agile leadership and 6 for agile organizations - under the guidance of experienced trainers. The courses are offered in German, while the learning materials are available in English. It is a flexible, collaborative, and certified training program.

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01-02 Oct 2024

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08:00 - 17:00

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26-11 Nov - Dec 2024

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08:00 - 13:30

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About ALJ - Agile Leader & Organization Certification


In a constantly changing world, globalization and digitalization have fundamentally altered the way we work and live. The traditional patterns of success for leaders are becoming increasingly ineffective in this environment. Agile leadership is a solution for highly complex, uncertain, and dynamic environments. Our course, Agile Leadership Journey™, aims to develop the mindset, behavior, and skills of leaders to pave individual paths to better leadership and increase the effectiveness of their organizations.

This course includes 6 modules on agile leadership and another 6 modules on agile organization. It covers key elements such as workshop kick-offs, leadership models, skill-building, and the development of agile organizational cultures. Our workshops are conducted in small personal groups of up to 6 participants and are led by experienced Agile Leadership Journey Guides.

The courses are held in German, while the learning materials are available in English. Flexible online modules, powerful collaboration platforms, and certifications are essential components of this comprehensive training offering.

How does the Agile Leadership Training work?

The Agile Leadership Training is designed to be modular and is usually offered as an in-person workshop. Should unforeseen circumstances make personal attendance impossible, we also offer the course online. There is a one-hour break planned between modules, which many participants use to prepare for the upcoming module while still keeping an eye on their regular workday.

These workshops are flexibly structured and modular. Each of the six modules consists of self-study content as well as interactive sessions lasting 60-90 minutes for deepening understanding, discussion, and exchange.

To ensure an interactive learning experience, we use Mural, a powerful visual online collaboration platform. Our learning approach is based on common online methods, where participants explore topics independently through videos and then meet in our online engagements for discussions and exercises.

We rely on Zoom video conferences to enable effective collaboration and interaction between participants and guides. The use of active cameras by all participants ensures high-quality communication during the workshops.

Agile Leader and Organization Curriculum in Detail

The "Agile Leadership Journey" workshop focuses on the development of mindsets, behaviors, and skills of leaders. It consists of 6 modules on "agile leadership" and another 6 modules on "agile organization".

  1. Introduction and Context for Business Agility during the Workshop Kickoff: Discussing the business case for agility, establishing a working agreement, and an introduction.
  2. Introduction to Agile Leadership: Presenting the Leadership Agility model and discussing various leadership approaches.
  3. Enhancing Leadership as a Catalyst: Promoting situational leadership, involving others, expanding awareness, and encouraging growth.
  4. Conversations as a Catalyst: Training on effective communication, balancing leadership styles, and empowering self-responsibility.
  5. Feedback as a Catalyst: Creating safe spaces for feedback within agile leadership.
  6. Developing Catalyst Habits: Reflecting on patterns of behavior and learning new habits for improved leadership effectiveness.
  1. Kickoff for the Program & Focus on Organization Culture: Introduction emphasizing organizational culture and underlying values.
  2. Exploration of Agile Organizations: Comparing approaches in agile transitions and exploring cultural changes.
  3. Cultivating Culture through Structures, Policies, and Measures: Concentrating on specific organizational cultures and identifying key elements for change.
  4. Co-creating Change and Alignment: Developing an action plan with stakeholders for a desired target culture.
  5. Facilitating Change Agilely: Exploring healthy transitions and the role of leaders in change.
  6. Conclusion of Workshop & Planning for the Future: Ending with a solid action plan for post-workshop implementation.

ALJ Certification: How do you get it?

Upon completion of the 'agile leadership' and 'agile organization' parts, participants receive the certificate: ALJ Certified Aware Leader

The Agile Leadership Journey Guides follow a common and global curriculum, ensuring a uniform learning and workshop organization.


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