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Certificate Showroom

Get your participation certificate and -if you have any- upload your exam certificate afterward from E-Learning.
Certificate Showroom allows you to represent your growth in the best way possible with great graphics. Visitors can ‘Verify’ your certificates, so you can look professional. You can share your certificates and download them at any time.

Share Everywhere

Sharing your certificates is now easier than ever. Enjoy high-quality previews and professionally crafted explanations, ready to showcase your certification.

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Download Any Time

We often need our documents, like when applying for jobs, right? Now, you can access and download your certificates as PDFs anytime, anywhere, to enrich your portfolio.

Certificate of Participation

When you finish a course or event at tectrain, you receive an official tectrain Certificate of Participation. All your certificates are always accessible from your E-Learning platform.

Access your certificates through the dashboard for all necessary certificate management tasks.

Did you pass the exam?

At tectrain Academy, we offer only accredited courses from internationally recognized Boards. These Boards also conduct exams for each course, and by passing, you can obtain their official exam certificates.


Once you complete your exam, you can add your exam certificate to be displayed alongside your Certificate of Participation. This feature allows for a broader representation of your educational journey. It only takes about a minute to add your exam certificate, creating a more accredited and deserving representation of your education.

You passed the exam, and now you have two certificates. What now?

When you pass the exam, your exam certificate and a link for verification are sent to your provider board.

You only need these two things to add your exam certificate. When you're ready, add them to the Certificates Menu and see your Showroom transform.

About Exam Certificate

Exam Guidance for Official Boards

It's advisable to include examinations in your educational journey. For enrollment details and exam schedules, refer to the specific exam guidance provided by each Board.

Advantages of Full Showroom

Adding your Exam Certificate and fully utilizing the Showroom offers numerous benefits.

  • Showroom Overview: Der Showroom ist eine Plattform für deine Teilnahme- und Prüfungszertifikate und zeigt deinen Bildungsweg und Fähigkeiten.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Certificates from accredited institutions enhance your professional credibility and appeal for job opportunities and networking.
  • Easy Sharing: The platform provides a single, easy link to share both certificates, simplifying updates on LinkedIn, your resume, or other professional profiles.
  • Competitive Edge: A central spot for showcasing multiple certificates gives you an advantage in the competitive job market, helping you stand out from others with similar skills.
Already a member and got your certificate?  Create your showroom.

90-Seconds Video: How and why use Certificate Showroom?

For full instructions, see our video below and discover the benefits of a fully utilized Showroom.

For any questions, we've prepared a video to guide you through certification management. If you're having trouble using features or accessing your certificates, this video is a must-watch. Plus, there are many benefits to fully utilizing your Certificate Showroom. Let's explore them!


Dear Member of our Tectrain Community,

We're thrilled to introduce you to an exciting new feature - our Certificate Showroom! But first, let’s dive into what it’s all about.

What is the Certificate Showroom?

The Certificate Showroom is a unique concept we’ve crafted to give you the chance to showcase your IT training certificates in a whole new light. It’s an opportunity to present not just your exam certificate, but also your participation certificate, in a way that truly highlights your qualifications.

Why did we create it?

The idea for the Certificate Showroom was born from our commitment to providing the best possible service to our users. To us, customer service post-certification is just as crucial as the certification process itself. We aim to help you get the most out of your training, which is why we developed the Certificate Showroom - to enable you to make even more effective use of your certificates.

Why you should use it?

You might be wondering why you should share both your participation and exam certificates. Here’s why: it's like opting for a house without a pool when the pool is free! By sharing both certificates, you signal to your professional network two significant achievements: you've successfully completed a course from a prestigious institute like Tectrain and passed the exam, proving your mastery of the subject. This can significantly enhance your career prospects and impress potential employers.

Our Certificate Showroom offers an extraordinary opportunity to compellingly showcase your achievements and unlock new professional opportunities. We're proud to offer you this exclusive feature and look forward to seeing how you use it to achieve your career goals.

If you have any questions or would like to share suggestions, we're always here to help. We're committed to supporting you on your educational journey.

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