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Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter

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SAFe® (Scaled Agile Framework) is the most prominent framework worldwide for scaling agility from the team to the entire enterprise level. Through the lean and agile practices and roles in SAFe®, even large corporations can quickly adapt to new market and competitive conditions, work much more customer-centrically in product/service development and service/operation, and create highly efficient structures for internal network-based collaboration.

Unfortunately, SAFe® is quite complex and needs to be adapted to the specific organizational goals and requirements for a successful implementation. A 1:1 implementation according to the SAFe® textbook is often not effective. Additionally, introducing SAFe® through the training of individual teams is time-consuming.

We're changing that now with our Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter! In the 2-day seminar, we will analyze your organization and work processes and compare them with SAFe®. In this way, with the help of our experts, the essential optimization levers for your company will be identified and a SAFe® target image adapted to your organization will be developed.


  • Foundations of Scaled/Business Agility and the SAFe® Framework

  • Deepening modern leadership approaches ('Lean Agile Leadership')

  • Deepening of processes and roles in SAFe® through exercises and role-playing

  • Practical insights into the agile transformation of other companies: good practices and lessons learned

  • Workshop session to assess the starting situation of your own company and develop an approach for agile transformation

2 days
Inhouse Training

You can arrange 30 min meeting or contact via mail.

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Insights for your company

  1. 1

    How agile is your company really at present? What are the biggest hurdles to overcome? What are the business benefits of it?

  2. 2

    What existing agile roles already exist in the company? On which roles can one build upon in the context of agile transformation?

  3. 3

    What structures and processes (rituals) exist today for more holacratic decision-making processes and autonomous delivery units? Which ones need to be introduced?

  4. 4

    What methods and document types (artifacts) are currently used to define, operationalize and break down strategic objectives into larger and smaller work packages? What is missing for optimal goal alignment and efficient planning and documentation of work?

Developing improvement measures together

During the second half of the second day, the focus is then on developing a company-specific transformation roadmap for your organization. At the end, you will know exactly what further steps need to be taken and will be familiar with quick wins as well as medium-term transformation goals.

The Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter is conducted by one of our highly experienced Agile Transformation Consultants. Our trainers have extensive hands-on experience in enterprise transformation in multiple industries and are proficient in SAFe® as well as other frameworks and methods. This ensures that the workshop outcome is truly aligned with your organization-specific requirements.

Our Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter is ideal as an in-house training/workshop with a group of people who are responsible for or involved in the agile transformation. The seminar is suitable for both companies that do not yet work agile and want to start, as well as for organizations that are already agile and want to optimize their collaboration model.



  • Verständnis Unternehmenskontext und Erwartungsmanagement zum Seminar
  • Durchführung unseres Agilen Reifegrad Checks für dein Unternehmen und Identifikation der wesentlichen Handlungsfelder
  • Theorie und Praxis zum Mehrwert von Scaled Agility und SAFe® im Digitalen Zeitalter
  • Einführung und Reflexion zu modernen Führungsprinzpien und einer agilen Unternehmenskultur


  • Struktur und Erfolgsmerkmale von x-funktionalen Teams
  • Überblick Scrum und Kanban und Kombination beide Ansätze in SAFe®
  • Agile Rollen in SAFe® und Abgleich mit Rollen in deinem Unternehmen
  • Überblick Abläufe und Events in SAFe® und Abgleich mit agilen Ritualen in deinem Unternehmen



  • Vertiefung SAFe® “Program Increment Planning Event” (PIPE): Event zur Erstellung einer teamübergreifenden und unternehmensweiten abgestimmte agilen Planung
  • PIPE Rollenspiel anhand einer Fallstudie


  • Vertiefung agile Zusammenarbeit gemäß SAFe® auf der Teamebene und Abgleich mit Praktiken in deinem Unternehmen
  • Theorie sowie “Good Practices” und “Lessons Learned” zur Unternehmenstransformation nach SAFe®
  • Entwicklung rudimentärer Maßnahmenplan und Quick Wins für die agile Transformation deines Unternehmens

Anpassungen der Agenda sind möglich. Wir gehen in unserem Training/Workshop auf die spezifischen Wünschen und Anforderungen deines Unternehmens ein.

Why Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter. Why tectrain.

  1. 1

    Highly effective/efficient training/workshop combination: The best of various SAFe® trainings in conjunction with an application review on your own company context

  2. 2

    Use of many practical examples to create a solid foundational understanding of SAFe® and transfer possibilities to your company

  3. 3

    Assessment of the starting situation of your company and development of an organization-specific roadmap with quick wins and medium-term transformation goals

  4. 4

    Highly experienced trainers with extensive cross-industry transformation experience with SAFe® and other frameworks and methods

  5. 5

    Experience some SAFe® processes through exercises and role-playing. In addition to theory and practice, also a healthy dose of entertainment :)

What is different though?

Leading SAFe®

sa badge
  • Comprehensive pre-reading material on SAFe®

  • Course content focuses on the structure, roles, and processes, as well as the culture/mindset and leadership within the SAFe® framework

  • Application examples as well as good practices and lessons learned from the trainer's practical experience.

  • Preparation for the certification exam

  • Recommendation for additional courses on SAFe® role preparation

Customized SAFe®

sa badge
  • Short pre-reading material on SAFe®

  • SAFe® course content oriented towards Leading SAFe® but with a greater focus on Scaled Agile transformation and DevOps, and less on fundamentals and principles

  • In addition, a brief role-playing exercise on the SAFe® PI Planning event will be conducted using a case study

  • Conducting a location assessment regarding the agility of your own company/department and identifying the essential areas of action

  • Comparing the SAFe® standard regarding roles, ceremonies, and artifacts with the situation in your own company

  • Developing an initial target image for agility adapted to the company-specific requirements, as well as a roadmap

  • More time for open Q&A during the course and an evening program (apéro)


Be agile. Be better.

Download our overview of SAFe and the agenda for the Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter without obligation.

Contact us directly and become a pioneer for the agile transformation of your company.

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