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Customized SAFe® Kick-Starter

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Are you grappling with the challenge of determining where and how to kickstart your organization's agile transformation?

Perhaps you've started to witness positive transformations at the team level, but scaling agility across the entire company seems like a daunting task or you are finding yourself struggling to navigate the use of SAFe to elevate your agile transformation.

We've designed Customized SAFe Kickstarter precisely for this purpose.

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2 days
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Inhouse Workshop
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  • path icon Nearly every company, varying in experience levels and sizes, encounters difficulty in crafting a unique transformation roadmap.
  • fingerprint icon Each organization possesses distinctive strengths and weaknesses, operates in different environmental conditions, pursues diverse goals, and faces unique challenges.
  • circle wavy question icon While the SAFe implementation roadmap serves as a valuable guide, it falls short of providing a one-size-fits-all solution for companies to develop their bespoke roadmaps.
  • identification badge icon This is where the expertise of an experienced and knowledgeable team that has successfully executed SAFe transformations becomes essential.

Our Solution
- Customized SAFe Kickstarter

  • line segments icon Highly effective training-workshop combo: The best of various SAFe® trainings in combination with a company agility assessment and gap analysis.
  • align left icon Development of and/or review of your organization’s specific SAFe® target operating model and transformation roadmap.
  • trophy icon Identification of major quick wins.
  • buildings icon Sharing of SAFe® transformation good practices and lessons learned from other companies and industries.
  • users three icon First hands-on SAFe® experience due to various group exercises and a PI Planning Event simulation

Customized SAFe Steps

  1. Step

    Introductory Call

    In this 30-minute introductory call, we uncover your key issues through our prepared question catalog, allowing us to understand how to design the Customized SAFe Kickstarter Workshop.

    Book a Call w/Expert
  2. Step

    Strategy Workshop (if needed)

    We collaboratively identify the value streams and possible Agile Release Trains (ARTs) associated with value in a half-day workshop.

    With this workshop we make it easier for you to define the “Why? What? How?” and to decide where to start with the transformation.

  3. Step

    Customized SAFe Kickstarter Workshop

    Once the Agile Release Train (ART) is decided, we identify its key stakeholders.

    In our two-day Customized SAFe workshop, tailored to the specific needs of the chosen ART, we provide Leading SAFe training alongside a detailed analysis of the ART's goals, maturity level, strengths, and areas for improvement (roles, artifacts, etc.)

  4. Step

    Your Personalized Transformation Roadmap

    The crowning achievement of the CSK workshop is the establishment of the first Program Increment (PI) Planning date and the important insights for us to develop your personalized transformation roadmap leading up to that crucial milestone.

Need a Personalized Roadmap for Your Agile Transformation?

Don't settle for a generic approach when your organization's journey is anything but generic. Choose Customized SAFe – where transformation is an art, not a template. Elevate your agile transformation with precision, expertise, and a personalized touch.

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Agenda Customize SAFe Kickstarter (Example)

We will customize the agenda of the Workshop according to the specific needs of your defined Agile Release Train.



  • Understanding the company context and expectation management for the seminar
  • Conducting our Agile Maturity Check for your company and identifying key areas for action
  • Theory and practice regarding the benefits of Scaled Agility and SAFe® in the digital age
  • Introduction and reflection on modern leadership principles and an agile corporate culture


  • Structure and success characteristics of cross-functional teams
  • Overview of Scrum and Kanban, and the combination of both approaches in SAFe®
  • Agile roles in SAFe® and alignment with roles in your company
  • Overview of processes and events in SAFe® and alignment with agile rituals in your company



  • SAFe® "Planning Interval Planning Event" (PIPE): Event for creating a cross-team and company-wide coordinated agile plan
  • PIPE role-playing based on a case study


  • Strengthening agile collaboration according to SAFe® at the team level and alignment with practices in your company
  • Theory as well as "Good Practices" and "Lessons Learned" for enterprise transformation following SAFe®.
  • Development of a rudimentary action plan and quick wins for the agile transformation of your company.

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