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Management 3.0 Agile Change Leadership

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Optimize your team and organization with targeted tools and proven practices while successfully mastering changes. Shape a high-performing team, encourage individual and collective growth. This workshop offers practical tools like the team decision matrix and techniques for constructive feedback. Increase team satisfaction and create a joyful work atmosphere.

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About Management 3.0 Agile Change Leadership Certification

Discover how you can successfully lead your organization and team through changes by utilizing proven tools, practices, and top-notch strategies. In this workshop, you'll learn how to form a high-performing team by creating ideal conditions for your team's self-organization while simultaneously fostering the individual growth of team members and the team as a whole.

The workshop provides comprehensive insights into numerous practical tools and methods that you can directly implement with your team. These include the use of the team decision matrix, which supports the decision-making process within the team, as well as techniques for constructive feedback to improve communication and collaboration.

Furthermore, work will be done on a comprehensive plan to increase satisfaction in your team. The goal is to make joy at work the norm, not the exception. This workshop offers the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your team and organization while keeping an eye on the individual development and satisfaction of team members.

Who should attend to this course?

This interactive online workshop on agile team leadership is especially relevant if you are in a leadership position. This can be at the traditional upper and middle management level, but also for team and group leaders, project managers, and project owners.

If you're already working in an agile environment, this also applies to you, whether as a Product Owner, Product Manager, Scrum Master, or Agile Coach. Of course, the workshop is also of interest to personnel developers and employees from the human resources area.

Prerequisites of the Course

To participate in the Agile Team Leadership Workshop, it is required to have previously attended the "Foundation Workshop" and/or the "Agility in HR Workshop" or to have already acquired a Certificate of Practice. More information can be found here: Management 3.0 Foundation

What should you expect from the training?

  • This workshop is highly interactive and offers numerous exercises as well as collective reflections. You will get to know many examples from a new management paradigm and actively participate in the workshop. There will be ample space for your questions, and you can exchange ideas with other participants and trainers.
  • During the workshop, we will highlight what makes high-performing teams and how you as a leader can actively influence. You will be able to develop ideas to further evolve your team and enhance performance. Moreover, you will learn how to foster a healthy feedback culture based on openness and transparency.
  • You can choose from a toolbox of practices to better position yourself in various situations with team members, colleagues, and superiors. We will also cover how to increase employee motivation and improve team collaboration by employing the attitude and practices of Management 3.0.
  • Furthermore, we will explore personal development opportunities and experience a system for promoting more happiness and satisfaction in your team. You will learn how to implement this system to boost performance and productivity.

Contents of the Management 3.0 Agile Change Leadership Workshop

In this course, we will delve deeply into the following four aspects and topics:


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