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Scrum Inc. Registered Product Owner (RPO)

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Take responsibility for the product or service developed by your Scrum team. Learn the tasks, methods, and approaches that will help you succeed as a Product Owner. The Product Owner course spans 2 days, consisting of the Scrum Basic Course and the in-depth Product Owner Day. This course is the right choice if your goal is to develop products together, successfully create customer value in every sprint, and celebrate successes. You can confidently act as a Product Owner and navigate confidently in the tension field between customer, product, stakeholders, and team.

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21-23 May 2024

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08:30 - 17:00

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Registered Scrum Team Member (RSTM) Course

Our Registered Scrum Team Member (RSTM) course is designed for professionals who aim to excel in agile project environments. It provides an in-depth exploration of Scrum methodologies, emphasizing team collaboration and effective project management. Participants will learn from certified experts, gaining practical skills to become competent Scrum Team Members. The course covers foundational to advanced concepts, making it suitable for individuals new to Scrum as well as those looking to deepen their understanding of agile practices. Through this program, students will acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their project management capabilities and contribute more effectively to their teams.

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