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UXQB® Foundation Level Certification (CPUX-F)

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The UXQB CPUX-F (Certified Professional for User Experience) certification is suitable for anyone who wants to familiarise themselves with the elementary terms and processes of usability engineering. This includes, for example, development managers, designers, software developers, product managers and marketing staff.

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UXQB® User Experience Foundation (CPUX-F) Seminar

The International Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB) is an association of international experts in the field of usability and user experience. The UXQB® was founded in 2013 on the initiative of the Quality Standards Working Group of the German Usability and User Experience Professionals Association (German UPA e.V.). 

The certification programme "Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience Foundation" (CPUX-F) is being further developed by the experts. The CPUX-F is an international standard training for people with an interest in the areas of usability and user experience. The certification procedure is internationally standardised and is constantly being further developed for usability professionals.



Dr. Matthias Reisemann

Learning Contents of UXQB® CPUX-F

You will gain an insight into the most important concepts of the following fields of competence:

  •       Overview of the ISO 9241 standard and its important components
  •       Usability principles and guidelines
  •       Overview of the human-centred development process
  •       Analysis of the context of use
  •       Deriving requirements, as well as usage requirements
  •       Specifying interaction
  •       Process management and use of methods
  •       Usability testing and other evaluation methods
  •       Overview of the roles in the development process
  •     Running through the process steps using practical examples

Click here for the complete syllabus: UXQB CPUX-F Syllabus [PDF].

UXQB® CPUX-F® course in detail

This training imparts extensive knowledge on the topics of usability and user experience. in our course you will learn crucial guidelines and know the standards for graphical user interfaces. at the same time you learn a wide range of handling sketch and adobe xd and prototyping tools like invision and figma.

Day 1

Overview of the human-centered design process

  • The Practical Concepts (Continued, Execises)
  • The Process of Human-Centric Design
  • Understanding and Specifiction of the Context of Use
  • Clarification of the User Requirements

Day 2

Systematically realizing user needs from the context of usage definitions

  • Design: Create the design solutions to meet users' needs 
  • Design: Creating design solutions that meet user needs - dialog principles and user interface guidelines
  • Prototyping Execise
  • Evaluation of the Design Against User Requirements - Usability Tests
  • Mock Exam and Answer 

Objectives of CPUX-F Training

  • Do you want to build an internationally recognised competence in the field of Usability & UX?
  • To be able to answer the question "Do You Speak Usability?" with "Yes"?
  •  Bring your usability & UX knowledge up to date?

Then the UXQB CPUX-F seminar is right for you. The certification programme gives you a comprehensive overview of the human-centred development process. Participants acquire all important and elementary concepts and terms from the field of usability and user experience. 

  • Designing design solutions
  • Conducting usability tests
  • User surveys
  • The human-centred design process
  • Understanding and defining the context of use
  • Describing usage requirements

This certificate is obtained by passing the certification exam. There are preparatory training courses. For self-study, you can also find a variety of free documents on certification.

How UXQB® CPUX-F Certification Works

The UXQB Foundation Level (CPUX-F) certification exam takes place after the seminar and is administered by an international accreditation body. If you pass the exam, you will receive your certificate directly from the certification body. If desired, the examination can also be conducted on an individually selected date and/or online.

The certificate certifies internationally recognised knowledge (ISO 9241) in the area of usability & UX, as well as a basic practical knowledge of the latest state of the art.

For more information on the certification, visit the official UXQB site. 



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Does UXQB make sense in my company?

The UXQB Foundation is suitable for companies that are interested in improving their user experience and strive for a consistent standard for UX. These companies can come from various industries such as IT, e-commerce, financial services, telecommunications, etc.

Is the certification internationally valid and licensed?

Yes, we offer internationally valid and licensed UXQB CPUX-F certifications.

Does this training have any specific entry requirements?

No. There are no entry requirements to attend the UXQB CPUX Foundation seminar. You do not need any specific prior knowledge.

Remote and Face-To-Face Training Possibilities

We offer our courses both as face-to-face training in appropriate training rooms. In addition, we have developed a practical remote training. This way you can participate in a seminar with us according to your wishes and possibilities. Thanks to technical possibilities and our many years of experience, the remote courses are conducted by the trainers in a particularly interactive and practical way. This ensures the best possible preparation for the certification exam.

Note: Our face-to-face courses naturally take into account the current Corona guidelines.

I have been a usability expert for several years. Is the CPUX Foundation Level certification relevant for me at all?

Yes, the following reasons speak for it:

  • To ensure that your basic UX and usability knowledge is up to date.
  • To assess what the CPUX certification is about
  • To get your own impression of the CPUX certification process
  • To participate in discussions about the value of the CPUX based on personal experiences from the certification process.
  • To be a role model for new entrants to the UX and usability fields who are considering certification.

Note: You should not take the CPUX certification test as easy. Please take enough time to learn the publicly available CPUX-F public test questions before starting the certification process.

Is practical experience of the participants checked in connection with the CPUX certification?

No, no practical experience of the participants is checked in the context of the certification. Passing depends only on your ability to answer the certification questions correctly. The CPUX certificate is one of many ways to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the field of UX and usability alongside other academic and industry and academic experience.


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What are the requirements for the UXQB certification?

To become certified as a UXQB (Usability and User Experience Qualification Board) certified professional, certain requirements must be met and the UXQB certification exam must be passed. Here are some of the requirements:

  • Education: Typically, a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as psychology, computer science, human-computer interaction, or design is required.
  • Work experience: Applicants are typically required to have at least two years of professional experience in the field of usability and user experience.
  • Training: Applicants are typically required to participate in a recognized UXQB training program or have a similar level of knowledge and understanding of usability and user experience.
  • Exam: Applicants must pass the UXQB certification exam, which covers various aspects of usability and user experience, including user research, usability testing, information architecture, and interface design.
  • Continuing education: To maintain their certification, UXQB certified professionals must participate in continuing education and professional development activities to stay up-to-date on developments in the field.

What is UXQB primarily used for?

UXQB is primarily used to validate the skills of UX professionals, advance their careers, and improve their knowledge and competencies.

What are the advantages of the UXQB Foundation Level?

The UXQB Foundation offers the following benefits:

  • Professionalization: The UXQB Foundation supports individuals in improving and professionalizing their competencies in the field of usability and user experience.
  • Certification: Certification according to the UXQB Foundation criteria ensures that certificate holders have the necessary competencies and skills to be successful in the field of usability and user experience.
  • Network: The UXQB Foundation provides certificate holders with the opportunity to be part of a community of experts in the field of usability and user experience and to exchange ideas with other professionals.
  • Career development: Certification according to the UXQB Foundation criteria can be a valuable addition to one's career and open up new career opportunities.
  • Support for projects: The UXQB Foundation supports organizations in improving the usability and user experience of their products by providing access to a community of experts in the field of usability and user experience.

What are the most important goals of the UXQB training?

The UXQB Foundation pursues several important principles, including:

  • User-centeredness: The goal is to create products and services that are tailored to the needs and desires of users.
  • Design thinking: A design-oriented approach that focuses on the user perspective and is iteratively improved.
  • Collaboration: UXQB emphasizes the importance of close collaboration between designers, developers, subject matter experts, and users to achieve better results.
  • Continuous improvement: UXQB values the continuous review and improvement of the user experience to achieve ongoing improvement.
  • Responsibility and ethics: UXQB emphasizes the importance of responsibility and ethics in the design of digital products and services.

What is the UXQB Foundation Level?

The UXQB Foundation Level is a certification level offered by the Usability and User Experience Qualification Board (UXQB). It is aimed at beginners and anyone who wants to learn about the basics of usability and user experience (UX).

The certificate confirms that the holder has a basic understanding of the concepts and methods of UX, including topics such as user research, usability testing, information architecture, and interface design.

The UXQB Foundation Level certificate is a valuable reference for employers who want to verify that a candidate has the necessary skills to work successfully on UX projects. It can also be the first step towards higher certification levels that require a deeper understanding and higher expertise.

What learning materials and documentation do I need to participate?

For the UXQB CPUX Foundation Level there is an official companion book "Basiswissen Usability und User Experience" which covers the content in a structured and comprehensive way. 

Our gift for you: It is included in the seminar price as an e-book for our participants.

What is the certification process?

There are 40 multiple-choice questions on the exam. You must answer at least 28 of the 49 questions correctly to receive the certificate. For the questions with multiple answer options, all correct answers must be selected, as no partial points are awarded. No aids are allowed in the certification test. 

As a rule, the certification test takes place on the last day of the seminar. 


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How does UXQB work in three sentences?

UXQB (Usability and User Experience Qualification Board) is a certification program that focuses on usability and user experience. It awards certificates to individuals who have demonstrated specific skills and knowledge in the field of UX. UXQB helps companies improve their UX capabilities and ensure that their products and services are user-friendly and user-centric.

How can I best implement UXQB in the company?

To successfully implement UXQB in your company, you can start by convincing your leadership of its benefits. Determine which employees are suitable for UXQB and which certification levels are best for your organization. Prepare your employees for certification by offering training and professional development opportunities. There are many resources available to help you prepare for certification. Promote the certification by encouraging your employees to continuously improve their knowledge and skills. This ensures that they stay up to date and can provide high-quality usability and user experience.

How does better usability help businesses achieve their goals?

  • Increased customer satisfaction: A user-friendly interface and a good user experience can help customers stay on a website longer and be more willing to purchase products or services.
  • Increased conversion rates: A user-friendly website can help more visitors become customers as navigation and interaction are simple and intuitive.
  • Reduced support requests: Good usability can help customers become more self-sufficient and require less assistance, resulting in a reduction of support requests.
  • Decreased bounce rates: A user-friendly website can help fewer visitors leave the website before taking action, thereby reducing bounce rates.
  • Enhanced brand image: Good usability can help a company be perceived as progressive and customer-oriented, contributing to an enhanced brand image.


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Where is the knowledge gained from the UXQB Foundation Level useful?

The knowledge gained from the UXQB Foundation Level can be applied in various contexts and industries, including:

  • Web design and digital products: The principles and methods of UXQB can be applied in the design of websites, mobile applications, software, and other digital products.
  • User research and analysis: The skills in conducting user research and analysis can be used to make better decisions regarding the design of digital products.
  • Marketing and sales: UXQB can be helpful in designing sales strategies and concepts for digital products and services.
  • IT management: The knowledge about the importance of user experience can be applied in leading IT projects and teams.


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Which people benefit most from UXQB?

Usability experts: Usability experts who are interested in formalizing their certification of competencies in usability and user experience can benefit from UXQB.

  • User Experience Designers: User experience designers who want to improve their competencies in user experience design can benefit from UXQB.
  • Software Developers: Software developers who are interested in using usability and user experience design in their work can benefit from UXQB.
  • Project Managers: Project managers who want to ensure that their projects have high usability and excellent user experience design can benefit from UXQB.

Is UXQB right for me?

If you are interested in improving your UX skills or striving for a consistent standard for UX, UXQB is a good choice for you.

Who is the target group of UXQB Foundation?

The target audience of the UXQB Foundation (Usability and User Experience Qualification Board) are individuals who work or wish to work in the field of usability and user experience (UX). This includes UX designers, user researchers, product managers, and business analysts. The UXQB Foundation also caters to organizations of all sizes and industries who want to improve and professionalize the usability and user experience of their products.

Who is the UXQB CPUX-F training suitable for?

The CPUX-F course is suitable for everyone involved in the planning and design process of user interfaces - in other words, for anyone who wants to acquire a basic understanding of the processes and terminology in the area of usability and user experience. For example, content is relevant for product and project managers, software specialists, software developers, product and user interface designers as well as marketing experts. The course is also aimed at usability professionals who want to refresh their knowledge and bring it up to date.

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