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Ugur Cakim

Partner & Managing Director Agile Portfolio

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Ugur Cakim

About Me

While many are challenged to think "out of the box", Ugur Cakim finds it difficult to imagine a box at all.

Thanks to his keen powers of observation, Ugur collects and links the crucial aspects of business, psychology and technology.
In this way, he always succeeds in creating visionary solution approaches for the development of agile organizations or unique customer experiences. As an experienced Design Thinking expert, Ugur uses Experience Principles & Wireframes to set heuristic priorities in terms of content. Through his cognitive properties, he manages to avoid bias with mental shortcut.

To perceive the space, the people and the unspoken, to read the most complex contexts in it like in an open book, happens simultaneously while Ugur is actively listening.
Ugur Cakim is often said to inspire people around him to change their perspectives with ease, with his infectiously positive and informal manner.

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