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The Negotiation Training for technical and project managers in the technical environment

Negotiation training for technical and project managers in technical environment. Effective methods for confidence, strategies and relationships in just 2 days. Confident negotiation, stress reduction, strong business relationships. Achieve your goals.

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The Negotiation Training for technical and project managers in the technical environment

This training is specially designed for software developers and also SW architects who want to learn how to not only be accepted as a specialist or project manager in negotiations, but also how to lead their negotiating partners with the right strategies and techniques.

During two intensive training days, effective learning methods will provide you with all the important techniques and tools you need to negotiate confidently and strategically in your everyday life. need and will:

  • Gain confidence in difficult negotiations
  • feel less stress in decisive moments,
  • no longer make bad compromises and
  • strengthen and expand important business relationships.

Benefits of the Seminar

  • Scientifically proven methods
  • 100% practice-oriented
  • Immediately applicable strategies and techniques
  • Negotiation expert as speaker

Insights for you and your company

  • Good negotiations are the basis for successful SW projects
  • If you want to be liked you should not negotiate, if you want to be respected you have to negotiate. 
  • Anyone can learn how to negotiate professionally

The Negotiation Training in Detail

Negotiation training for technical and project managers: Develop the right mindset, learn proven models such as the FBI model and the Harvard concept, master the art of professional preparation and strategy building. Learn how to use psychological aspects to act successfully in negotiations and master effective communication techniques for sustainable negotiation success.

Part 1

Requirements for successful negotiations

  • The right mindset
  • Correctly assessing your own position as a specialist or project manager
  • Assessing the value of successful negotiations

Part 2

Successful negotiation models

  • FBI Model
  • Harvard Concept
  • Which model is the right one and when

Part 3

Professional preparation

  • Know the phases of negotiations
  • Determine negotiation scope and goals
  • Prepare demands and arguments

Part 4

Strategy and tactics

  • Determine the right strategy
  • Apply successful tactics
  • Prevent expensive mistakes

Part 5

Psychological aspects of a negotiation

  • Correct handling of stress
  • Increasing your own power in negotiations
  • Fending off verbal attacks or impasses

Part 6

Communication in negotiations

  • Knowing effective questioning techniques
  • The power of the right questions
  • Leading with summaries

Goals of the Seminar

After this negotiation training you will be able to:

  • prepare a negotiation professionally
  • act and communicate confidently and confidently in negotiations
  • interact with experienced negotiation partners at eye level
  • assert yourself and prevail even in difficult situations.



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Are there practical exercises or case studies during the training?

Yes, practical exercises and case studies prepare participants for real negotiation situations.

Are there special focuses on communicating with experienced negotiation partners?

Yes, the training teaches dealing with experienced negotiation partners on an equal footing.


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What experience does the speaker have in the field of negotiation leadership?

The speaker is an expert in negotiation leadership and brings extensive experience.

What benefits does the training offer in terms of business relationships and project management?

This training offers scientifically proven methods and immediately applicable strategies for successful project management and business relationships.

What specific techniques and strategies are taught in this training?

Participants learn to negotiate confidently and strategically, reducing stress, avoiding poor compromises, and strengthening business relationships.

What skills are developed in this training for software developers and SW architects?

This training imparts not only specialized or project-related negotiation skills, but also leadership and strategies for successful negotiations.


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How do participants learn to assert themselves in challenging situations?

The training imparts techniques to assert oneself and succeed in difficult situations.

How does this training help me become more confident in challenging negotiation situations?

The training boosts confidence in challenging negotiations and teaches techniques to project confidence.

How are the intensive training days structured?

Two intensive training days utilize effective learning methods to impart essential negotiation techniques and tools.


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Who is the target audience for this negotiation training?

This negotiation training is specifically designed for software developers and SW architects.

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