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IREB® Advanced Level RE@Agile Certification (CPRE)

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Advanced Level RE@Agile is a way of thinking about product development. Training sessions on "Agile" are offered as part of the CPRE plan. Agile approaches need reasonable requirements practices to deliver successful products and systems. Requirements engineering and agile approaches complement each other when used correctly! In this context, IREB has developed an advanced module RE@Agile to combine the strengths of both disciplines.

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23-24 May 2023

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IREB® RE@Agile Seminar

These Agile educational units are offered as part of the CPRE program:

  • RE@Agile primers
  • RE@Agile for advanced users

In the course The RE@Agile Primer, you will learn how RE methods and techniques can be used to advantage in agile development processes and how techniques from the agile approach can optimize RE practice.

The contents of the RE@Agile Primer should be taught in a 1-2 day seminar, but self-study is also possible. Two exams are possible.

  • Self-assessment on the IREB website, approx. 16 questions, 30 minutes
  • The percentage of the total score achieved is presented at the end.​​​​​​​
  • Proctored certification exam, approximately 22 questions, 40 minutes​​​​​​​
  • A certificate will be issued to the successful candidate.

There are no specific requirements for the RE@Agile Primer!

The RE@Agile Primer certificate is not a prerequisite for the RE@Agile Advanced Level module.

RE@Agile for advanced users

The topic "Agile" can be deepened in the advanced level module RE@Agile.

You can find more information here: RE@Agile Advanced Level.

Why tectrain?

  • Academic Perks
  • Aftersales Perks

Yes, the seminars and so on... but why tectrain though? Because we go the extra mile for you and make your learning experience unique. You get the following additional advantages and extras on top of it:

Double is better

You are welcome to visit the training course online again within a year as a refresher or exam preparation.

Certification Guarantee

We have an impressive 98.6% pass rate on the certification exam, so we're pretty confident you'll pass the exam on the first try. However, we're giving you the 2nd try (Online-Exam) for free. Promised!

Flexible Date Change

If you are not able to attend the course, you can rebook your training free of charge up to one week before the start of the training.

No Slideshow, Hands-On!

We promise you that you won't get a PowerPoint show, but we will do a group work together, combining theory with practice. You will receive many practical examples from our experienced trainers and exchange with like-minded people.

Learn from Experts

We always guarantee you the use of didactically and methodically first-class qualified trainers who draw their knowledge from training experience as well as professional practical and project experience.


IREB® RE@Agile course in detail

The curriculum of IREB® RE@Agile consists of four strongly interconnected parts.

Part 1

Motivation and ways of thinking

  • Differences between classic and agile requirements engineering
  • Connection of RE and agile principles to RE@Agile
  • Benefits, pitfalls and costs of using RE@Agile

Part 2

Basics of RE@Agile

  • Agile methods
  • Differences and similarities between requirements engineers and product owners
  • Understand the role of the product owner

Part 3

Techniques and Artifacts in RE@Agile

  • From the vision to the user story
  • DoR and DoD

Part 4

Organizational aspects of RE@Agile

  • Influence of the organization
  • Handling complex problems through scaling
  • Communication and scaling
  • Product vs Project

Get Your RE@Agile Certificate!

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After completing the RE@Agile training, you will receive a RE@Agile attendance certificate! This official certificate proves your knowledge of the curriculum content. We'll send you a link to download your certificate, share it with your colleagues online, post to your professional network on LinkedIn, and view all the certificates you've earned. Congratulations on your achievement!
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After completing the seminar, participants will learn about the following topics:

You will get a comprehensive insight into the work of a business analyst/requirements engineer in an agile environment. After the seminar, you can provide agile teams with the right level of detail at the right time. The seminar is set up according to the IREB standard and offers the opportunity to complete the certification for the CPRE RE@Agile Primer afterward. You will be well prepared for the exam and will receive tips and tricks for the exam.



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What are the requirements for the IREB Re@Agile Primer seminar?

There are no entry requirements for the IREB® CPRE RE@Agile Primer. Some knowledge of software development projects is beneficial.

What kind of exam is taking place?

The exam lasts 40 minutes. During this time, 22 multiple-choice questions have to be answered. These have different difficulties, and they are rated accordingly with varying numbers of points. The exam time can be extended by ten extra minutes for non-native speakers on request. No additional aids are permitted in the exam. The exam is conducted by a licensed certification body and is passed if a minimum of 70.00% of the points are achieved.

You can take the exam in German and in English.

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