iSAQB® - Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation | Live Online, English

14. - 16.12.2021 Online

The accredited iSAQB® Certified Professional for Software Architecture Foundation (CPSA-Foundation) training course provides the knowledge and skills to design, communicate, evaluate, maintain, and enhance software architectures based on customer requirements and constraints.

This accredited CPSA Foundation training course is based on the current ISAQB® syllabus and the corresponding certification examination. The CPSA Foundation training course provides the knowledge to successfully pass the internationally recognized iSAQB certification for software architecture.

The seminar has a workshop character with time for exchange ideas between participants as well as implement a software architecture design based on a real case study. Participants receive an interactive four-day training course with practical exercises and case studies that reinforce what they have learned.

Participants will expand their existing experience and skills in software development in the areas of design principles, patterns, and tactics to fulfill specific quality requirements. 

An additional focus on non-technical aspects of software architecture reflects the real-world challenges, e.g. communication with stakeholders, clarification of architecturally relevant requirements, etc.


Seminar objectives

After completing this course, participants will have attained the following knowledge:

  • Definitions, benefits and goals of software architecture
  • The tasks and responsibilities of software architects
  • Stakeholder concerns and interaction
  • Functional and quality requirements, and other factors influencing software architecture design
  • Tactics and heuristics for architectural development, e.g. architectural and design patterns, design principles, cross-cutting concerns etc.
  • Documentation of software architectures on the basis of views
  • Evaluation of software architectures


Target audience 

Software architects and engineers or project experienced software developers and designers who want to work on solution structures in IT projects.


Required skill

3+ years of experience in IT development and practical programming experience. A basic knowledge of UML is advantageous.


How is the multimedia usage?

  • We meet on the online classroom platform Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, much is like in the face-to-face seminar.
  • The slides of the training are projected live in the web browser and forwarded synchronously to all participants. The training documents are also handed out electronically.
  • The exercises with sticky notes are virtualized live with Conceptboard. The virtual sticky notes can be moved with the mouse and labeled with the keyboard.
  • In addition, a chat channel is made available that is open on the training days and 24 hours a day thereafter. Participants can post questions and answers there.
  • Flipcharts that the trainer writes are also broadcast live to all participants with a second camera. At the end, the flipcharts are sent to each participant as a photo protocol.


What are the technical requirements?

  • Computer with screen
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam, headset and microphone
  • Modern web browser with good Javascript support (Chrome oder Firefox preferred)
  • Admin right to install new software on your own computer



The certification test takes place after the training (last day from 16:30 - 18:00) and is carried out by an international accreditation instance. If the examination is successful, the certificate will be sent to you directly by the certification instance.

For further information please visit our iSAQB Foundation Insights or iSAQB-Website.

Datum und Uhrzeit

3 days
14. - 16.12.2021
Tue - Wed09:00 - 17:30
Thu09:00 - 18:00


Virtual Classroom (Online)

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EUR 2775,00


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