iSAQB® Advanced Level - Domain Driven Design (DDD) | Live Online, English

26. - 28.05.2021 Online

Communication between developers and subject-matter experts is critical to the success of complex software development projects. To optimize communication, it is helpful when both technical and subject-matter experts speak the same language. Domain Driven Design (DDD) provides this language through terms, taxonomies, models and patterns shared between all involved stakeholders. This simplifies communication and ensures a suitable target solution for the desired software system.

In this advanced-level course you will learn how to develop a common business language to communicate with stakeholders, use the DDD approach to design your application, and interface to other applications from other domains. The course takes a practice-oriented approach using an example application to learn how to create a business-oriented software architecture. You will experience how easy it can be to create a high-quality software design by focusing on the business domain and following the Domain-Driven Design guidelines.

This course will give you a solid understanding of DDD concepts, and (just as importantly) the confidence you need to apply this knowledge in your everyday development work.

What content do you expect?

The accredited training course is part of the Advanced Level of the iSAQB certification for software architects (CPSA-A) and is based on the corresponding iSAQB “Domain-Driven Design (DDD)” curriculum.

After completing this course, you will be familiar with the following topics:

  • Domains, modules and ubiquitous language
  • The modelling approach
  • From the model to the implementation
  • The model in the application architecture
  • Model context and interfaces
  • Maintaining the consistency of the models

What goals can you achieve?

In this advanced-level module, you will learn how to develop a technical language, use the DDD patterns and connect to other applications in order to design a domain-oriented application. Together we practice the individual steps towards an application-oriented and high-quality architecture using a sample application. You will experience how easy a design can be if you get involved in the specialist domain and the architectural guard rails of domain-driven design! This course not only gives you a solid understanding of the DDD concepts, but (which is just as important) the confidence you need to really apply this knowledge in day-to-day development.


Target Audience

The target group are software architects and developers. You should have gained experience in IT projects or in product development; Knowledge of a specific technology or programming language is not required for understanding and working. Knowledge of UML is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.


What is the multimedia usage like?

  • We meet on the online classroom platform Zoom. Otherwise, everything is like in the face-to-face seminar.
  • The slides of the training are projected live in the web browser and forwarded synchronously to all participants. The training documents are also handed out electronically.
  • The exercises with sticky notes (e.g. event storming) are virtualized live with miro (online whiteboard). The virtual sticky notes can be moved with the mouse and labeled with the keyboard.en. 
  • In addition, a chat channel is made available that is open on the training days and 24 hours a day thereafter. Participants can post questions and answers there. 
  • Flipcharts that the trainer writes are also broadcast live to all participants with a second camera. At the end, the flipcharts are sent to each participant as a photo protocol.  

What are the technical requirements?

  • Computer with screen
  • Stable internet connection
  • Webcam, headset and microphone
  • Modern web browser with good Javascript support (Chrome oder Firefox preferred)
  • Admin right to install new software on your own computer


The seminar is licensed by the iSAQB and contributes to the admission to the final Advanced Level Certification Exam (CPSA-A). By participating in our online seminar DDD you will achieve 30 credit points - 20 of them in the methodological and 10 in the communicative area. In addition, you receive a qualified participant certificate.

Further information on certification can be found at:

Datum und Uhrzeit

3 days
26. - 28.05.2021
Wed - Fri09:00 - 17:00


Virtual Classroom (Online)

CHF 2050,00

EUR 1850,00

Including seminar script, photo protocol of the flipcharts and confirmation of participation


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Matthias Bohlen

Matthias Bohlen

Matthias is an expert in effective product development. He works as a coach, consultant and trainer for development organizations in the energy, tourism, logistics, automotive, telecom, insurance and healthcare sectors. He has been a member of the iSAQB since 2012, where he is committed to the qualification of software architects.